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tv   [untitled]    February 22, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EST

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a tiny italian island in the mediterranean around eighty miles away from the coast of north africa it's always been the main route for refugees but since the recent revolution in tunisia it's become swamped by thousands desperate for a better life in europe who are willing to risk all. that we got into a storm and. i survived six of us don't. these are some of the boats which were used by the refugees to get here and now they have these signs on them from the authorities saying their use is prohibited by italian a lot they've been only here for a couple of weeks so it's pretty clear their initial condition is far from seaworthy nevertheless sometimes up to two hundred people can cram on each one bitterly and tunisia used to have an agreement under which most tunisian refugees were intercepted before even reaching the island but now that the government has been overthrown the floodgates have opened and we were not ready for the according
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to introduce as mir is becoming increasingly hard to keep the situation under control with scuffles between migrants and police. there have already been cases of robbery and vandalism it's really hard to identify them some of them may be criminals or even terrorists most of the refugees are housed at a center where they're provided with basic help but it's equipped only for eight hundred people. we brought in additional staff members including police and even psychiatry just one hundred people in total but that's still not enough. with a wave of violent political unrest sweeping north africa and the middle east italy is warning of an exodus of biblical proportions it's calling for e.u. cash to help handle the influx of refugees but for now rome is planning to deploy
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its army to the island to help the gateway to europe you've got this kind of r.t. . italy. fabric. from the danish institute for international studies says the global community could turn to sanctions to deal with the uprisings. the prospect of massive immigration has always been europe's wars tonight and europe will be able to do that it depends on the ability of actually core delineating among some of the governments that are most affected most concretely there is a prospect for from texas which is the agency in charge for protecting e.u. borders to install some more effective lines of protection in terms of patrolling of the sea borders the instruments. eligible to the international community in the short term are very limited yesterday in brussels are the meeting of e.u. foreign ministers the talk of sanctions was was voiced and definite death
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prospect is there i mean imagine if in two months time coral gadhafi is not overthrown i mean business cannot proceed as usual after this so something will have to be done and clearly one obvious thing to do or one immediate thing that could be done is a visa ban on the regime if the violence continue at this at this rate. that would at least avoid calling prevent corner gadhafi from traveling europe and put up his talents in several european capitals as he has done over the past few years anything beyond that including freezing of assets it's going to be more complicated but clearly targeted sanctions is the kind of symbolic as well as concrete and so that the international community can get if if the violence continues at this rate . meanwhile the libyan leader colonel gadhafi is currently appearing on state t.v.
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as he fights to maintain his forty one general. saying the protesters are serving the devil and vowed he would not leave his country and prepare to die a martyr public on the day after a day of recorded army air strikes i should say against demonstrators in the capital tripoli you can see him speaking to what i assume and the people his country more than two hundred have been killed over and over four thousand injured in the first week of rioting making this film and why do you think all the arab revolts well colonel gadhafi has denied live ammunition was used nevertheless some libyan ambassadors have quit over the alleged use of force and want the you went to interview world leaders are appealing to the country's authorities to put an immediate end to the. well russia is among the states preparing to evacuate their citizens from libya amid the african aggravating political crisis one hundred fifty russians have been reported trapped at
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a railway construction site in the desert all together there are over five hundred currently working in the country at a meeting of the national counter-terrorism committee and russia's north president dmitry medvedev warned the escalating violence in the arab world could bring dangerous consequences are referred has more. we've heard president medvedev speaking today at a security meeting and he was addressing the situation in the middle east and north africa and what we heard him saying was about talking about the real danger now let's go to instability throughout these regions for decades to come much closer to . the middle east could shatter into pieces the situation is extremely tense we could witness the disintegration of large and densely populated country. but the thing is the situation there was quite complicated before and now there is a possibility that religious fanatics could seize power that would sense the region
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and far for decades to come and would spread extremism further extremists prepared such a scenario for russia before they could try and make it a reality now but they definitely won't succeed on that list you know we see russia's response to the situation throughout these regions as it has been markedly different that of other western countries certainly much more cautious where we saw the u.s. being very proud of us cry sicko we had a lot of that rhetorically coming out especially at the beginning of the protest russia's fake this is really be actually takes more political dialogue the foreign minister sergei lavrov is really revolution does not a democracy make what now needs to be the fake it's about having a democratic structure is put in place and as we heard president medvedev saying that there's a real risk that won't happen and certainly over the coming weeks and months there's going to be a real look at whether these countries we've already seen egypt and tunisia having
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their governments a great libya potentially following in the states that whether these democratic structures can be put in place and whether these countries capable of running amok and we've heard from the foreign ministry that the evacuation so they snatched those that are working and living in libya at the moment has gone under way now president orders they've dispatched four planes we know that libya has actually given permission for they still land in tripoli so there's a one thousand two hundred people at the moment actually waited over five hundred days and russian nationals themselves many of the specialist in the working on high tech investment projects in the country you know remember of course since livy has been open for investment since about two thousand and eight we've seen a number of these high profile investment projects get up. running one of the a lot of the biggest is the russian roadways a high speed rail way link project key to be completed in twenty twelve guys from
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has will say come out and said that it's going to be evacuating it's what is that just last week they saw a deal with an italian company to jointly work on an oil field in the country but of cools with the potential a bit right it's one of these regime with thing these foreign investments really being called into question now the u.s. was vocal in voicing support for democracy in some of the middle east protests but now washington's come under fire for its handling of us closer to home find out why work from the midwest are slamming the government program or in their fine for right all supporting fine protests that's coming up. but first more news on the unrest in the middle east and north africa it's emerged that the british prime minister has taken defense firms representatives with him on his tour of the troubled region david cameron praised the changes taking place but case terram and from the campaign against arms trade says it's just a cover and whose real purpose is selling arms to undemocratic regimes. you've got
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to remember that david cameron rigidly set the store in order to seal arms deals with various middle eastern countries he took a quick trip quick to talk to egypt where he talked a lot about democracy and freedom praised the people in tahrir square but that really was a sideshow what he's hoping to do is so and lots of them to the middle east and i have to say so far british farm sales do seem to have been very successful there but of course the main reason for these arms sales is seems to be for internal repression obviously it would have been great if we hadn't sold those arms to libya or to bahrain because then we could talk with a little bit more credibility about the importance of freedom and democracy unfortunately the way the british government works and it's not just mr cameron's
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government it was the former labor government as well is that the british state is set up to support and arms a part of u.k. trade and investment their defense and security organization specifically is there to promote arms sales aren't they it's a lot of arms in the middle east including to saudi arabia which is one of the u.k.'s best customers so unfortunately it seems that you know no government has been willing to take the crunch and say we're going to be ethical we're not going to sell arms to dictators and she's human rights abuses which is what these governments are. in the u.s. state of wisconsin thousands of workers have taken to the streets protesting against wage and benefit cuts and things may be reminiscent of those in north africa and the middle east but demonstrators say they're not getting any government attempts that they claim that while the u.s. is closely monitoring what's going on abroad it ignores such protests at home r.t.
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is learn lester has more. these images of thousands protesting their government. are reminiscent of the scenes we're seeing in yemen. or behind or any of the mideast protests inspired by tunisia. and on a larger scale egypt where the people's will in many cases driven by workers' struggles won out over ruling regimes but these demonstrations are going on in the u.s. state of wisconsin absolutely wisconsin is the new egypt their workers are fighting to maintain their wages benefits and bargaining rights unions and their supporters have been standing up collectively for a week and counting against politicians proposing to take those rights away this is one of the most incredible pouring of energies we've seen since the great depression and i think it could be the spark that could rebuild the labor movement
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in this country we wouldn't know it walking past a news stand in the u.s. american newspapers featured the protests of other countries on their front pages right here this is bahrain no mention of the seventy thousand protesters right here on u.s. soil that may be a tiny side bar dedicated to the people right here in america fighting for their rights. to get everybody over and american protesters challenge the story told by the most watched twenty four hour u.s. news network in the country critics accuse fox sports that are getting more aggressive attitude that it might be just because we fear of being peaceful protesters as rioters and the safety of state lawmakers cannot be guaranteed while it may be true the struggles people face from the midwest to the mideast can't be painted with one broad brush because we do have a higher standard of living each not as bad as what we're seeing overseas in the third world the developing world but it is a manifestation of the same global move that manifests. nation is received very
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differently by u.s. press and politicians depending on where it's happening american media that shared in the excitement of egyptian protesters all day long in cairo the anticipation and excitement were growing villainize the ones in their own backyard these protesters are some of the signs aren't so nice a little bit nasty are you feeling any aggression there on the ground the president sided with the democratic demands of egyptians on the street and called for this political social and economic reforms that meet the aspirations of the egyptian people meanwhile at home on the do that the gyptian military help liberate the egyptian people we have the governor of wisconsin threaten to call the national guard lawmakers in the u.s. were rallying the troops against protesters and the top republican in the u.s. dried their tactics saying this was not a way to have an adult conversation egyptians seem to disagree
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a prominent union leader pledged support for the western workers in this video. and we watched the people of egypt celebrate their triumph now in cairo it was victorious friday a victory fought and won with support of the u.s. once a battlefield now a monument to the one we call freedom meanwhile on the battlefield of working people right here in america those fighting go largely undefended lauren lyster r.t. new york. we continue our coverage on the on rast across the mideast observers are beginning to speculate over how the op risings white impact israel's relations with its arab neighbors are spoke to you getting from a call the former russian foreign minister who says the revolt will force israel to rethink its current policies in the region. issue more in any case i think it might force the israeli leadership to give up their policy of maintaining the
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status quo in the middle east so far the israeli leadership has been leaning towards preserving the status quo and abandoning the idea of a peaceful settlement despite numerous un security council resolutions and president obama's cairo speech to israel building in new settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem sabotaging all intensive negotiations because i think recent events may cause them to reconsider their policy because global trends and not in favor of israel's anik sation policy will. and you can watch that full interview with the former foreign minister in just over an hour's time right here on our t.v. well a little later this hour we'll take you for a walk on the red planet find out how these men made it out there and what a moscow lab has to do with their journey. russian special forces have
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reported the eradicated five gunmen in a counter terror operation in the north caucuses some of those killed are suspected of shooting taurus in the country's southern republican. weekend on saturday two masked men stopped a minibus heading for mt elbrus at least three tourists were killed and two more injured as the gunman opened fire. a look now at some more world news and grief for your boss our officials say four americans have been shot dead by pirates after their boat was seized off the coast of oman last week u.s. forces had been negotiating with the hijackers until gunshots were heard early tuesday morning troops stormed the yacht detaining fifteen suspected pirates and killing another four the americans had been taking part in a rally when they were attacked. rescue operations are underway in new zealand following a six point three magnitude earthquake that killed at least sixty five in the city
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of christ church thousands of people are in emergency shelters the powerful quake brought buildings tumbling down in the business district at one time office blocks collapsed trapping scores of people and raining debris down on business streets it's feared some two hundred might still be beneath the rubble the second earthquake to hit the city in five months this is the country's deadliest natural disaster in the year. two iranian naval warships entered the suez canal this tuesday on route to the mediterranean israel which views iran as a threat has already a prostitution ring in arena and officials say the frigate and supply vessel are headed to syria for a year long term. running mission is the first time iran's military ships have sailed both waters since the country's islamic revolution of one nine hundred seventy nine egypt's defense ministry says iran's request records requests state of the vessel would have no military equipment or nuclear materials on board. a
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stampede at a muslim ceremony in the african country of mali has left at least thirty six people dead most of them women over sixty others were injured when a crowd surged against a metal barrier at the stadium they were trying to get closer to one of the country's most loved to be blasted the festival to mark the prophet muhammad birthday the twenty five thousand seat venue was said to have been filled well beyond capacity. the final walk on mars has been completed in a virtual experiment aimed at studying the demands of deep space travel this was the last of three simulated strolls on the mock martian surface mars five hundred is a project aimed at studying the physical and psychological effects on people if mankind was ever to undertake such a journey in the future a group of six volunteers are taking part three russians two europeans and a chinese man are now at the halfway point of the five hundred twenty day simulated journey spent in isolation in
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a moscow lab the crew is currently heading back to their mock spaceship and once met from london's mother's space science laboratories says the experiment is a great step forward for international space exploration i think is actually an excellent idea i think it's a lovely idea because it is internationalized to the problem because i think that's a wonderful thing that they've done their international law as a problem and that has chosen an aspect of the problem which i don't think is really been addressed properly the most focus so far has been the technology that gets you to mars and lands and we can't simulate you doing one go so what we have to do is separate out the various different difficult aspects of it and then try to isolate. those aspects and then understand those aspects so the one of the real problems in going to mars is getting people to get on with each other for that period of time and still be effective when they then arrive six or eight months later on the surface of mars and then come back again. and that's not
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a tall trivial so what the mars five hundred is trying to just isolate in their in their isolation rooms some of the issues which those those that crew and technology are going to see so it's not meant to be a perfect. simulation of a trip to mars it's meant to just tease out some of the real issues and some of the issues are things like the difficulty in communication with earth and the growing time lag in the communications with the the sense of general sense of isolation the fact that they have only a limited amount of supplies etc so all those things have been well simulated. well for more on all our top stories as well as blogs videos and much more you can always log on to our website r t v dot com here's a look of what's online for you right now gunning for an education find out how college students and lecturers in texas might be given the right to carry a loaded firearm on campus. and the circus is coming to town the legendary comedian
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who they're going to name and said stage there and later show in the kremlin palace when they visit me down next year. up next here in our to you all the latest business news with kareen stay with us. and i welcome to business good to have you with us oil prices have climbed to the highest level in more than two years as the crisis in libya fuels concerns over coote supplies. has risen as much as ten percent in less than one week now trading at around ninety one dollars per barrel libya which have after the largest oil reserves was cut supplies by fifty thousand barrels
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a day with the opposition threatening to stop all the difference is that a result from metropole believes this could spike much higher if the unrest in the region spreads. all folks will not stop in the next couple weeks we probably see the brand. price at about one twenty and i'm afraid if we'll see some conflicts in iran we'll probably. historical maximum for one fifty maybe in iran more eve conflicts will stop until you know that peace will be there for a long time i think will come back below nine to you know in the short term. may seek compensation from b.p. if their deal to join to develop rich arctic fields fails that's according to the wall street journal citing deputy prime minister igor session. and b.p. concluded the deal in january but will force to put it on hold after you up to do opposition from a r p p's russian partners in a joint venture to take a view
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a claims the deal by legs its exclusive agreement with a potential nature. to look at the markets violence in libya is affecting markets worldwide u.s. stocks decline is the price of oil rallies investors fear prices in libya could spread to all that will reach countries in the region or lead to high gas prices there is some good news though consumer confidence in the u.s. which is highest level in three years despite makes people's about jobs. and the new york stock markets drop sharply as well extending the previous sessions a heavy losses airlines ranked among the hardest hit stocks because of the shop spike in oil price shares over air of. three point two percent and easyjet fell eight percent. here in russia markets close in the red tracking all of those losses in europe and asia yes of the my xix were significantly lower on tuesday after posting their highest climb in more than a week on monday. and now let's have a look at some of the individual share moves banking stocks were trading deep in
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the red while all shares point in point pointed upwards bank was down almost two percent on the my six bank of moscow jumped more than four percent on news the city authorities have sold its stake to b.c.b. however shares slipped back toward the end of the trade. and listen to radio holding arms output by twelve percent to more than five tons last year the company consolidates all uranium mines in russia along with the radio mining related assets and other countries arms said production grew thanks to its expansion strategy on external markets and its deal with canada is your am. one in which it became the biggest shareholder. russian state wrong bank received he has acquired a forty six percent stake in bank of moscow from the city government. has also bought from city hall twenty five percent of capital insurance company which owns another seventeen percent bank of last go deputy mayor says the t.v.
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paid we have been dollars for both stakes a forty percent premium to the market price hike of moscow is russia's largest lender by assets. inflation russia has been racing's away since the beginning of the year prices now are nearly three percent higher than they were and january the government is still optimistic it can hit its annual inflation target in two thousand and eleven but as economic development minister if you are in the world of the conceives this will require some help from mother nature. respected the annual inflation moved on to fly when it's not that hard to leave and maybe seven to eight percent have an additional cost is based on high expectations of good harvest of crops in russia and the rest of the world. and that's our business update for this hour doing me in less than fifteen minutes from now to more.
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wealthy british style sun. that's not on. the. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max conjure for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on. the stress three shit and this is products on the price of
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healthy eating. we need to test these three times a city allergenicity immune response lower nutrition and for environmental contamination don't you feel like a law brought some consider the experiment in human treatment freddy idli significant differences between the g.m. affair that they both at that don't chia pet but they weren't treated so well themselves one question means one career if you ask one question you could be uncertain and you might or might not be able to publish it but that's the end of your career.
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the kaiser aboard is coming your way here on our tour but first let's get you up to date on today's top stories thousands flee from political unrest in north africa in the middle east but asked may arrive in european countries looking for safety and they're accused of bringing violence and instability with them. and anger at the government region's boiling point in libya with clashes on airstrikes against protesters reported colonel gadhafi did not explain the country and refuses to step down. meanwhile president's medium is very different warns of decades of turmoil if the protests continue this comes as moscow sends and planes to pick up hundreds of
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russians working in libya. plus the red planet sees its last gasp for now as a six man crew makes its final walk on a mock washington surface as part of a simulated mission to mars the volunteers are heading back to earth to complete the remainder of the five hundred twenty day experiment in a moscow bottom. up next as promised r.t. is financial man in the know gets to grips with how american military money seeped its way into the arab uprisings. max kaiser this is the kaiser report you know revolutions are happening all over the world the big question is what about the united states of america one ticket to start revolting i know it's already revolting but ones are going to really revolve they.


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